About Us

Just so Italian - with a passion for fine Italian food


We are Danilo and Alison Trozzi, Italian chefs who have trained and worked in Italy and now live in the UK. We started our company, Just so Italian, in 2008 and have been enjoying it ever since.

Like all Italians, we understand the importance of great ingredients and we believe that Italy produces some of the best foods and ingredients in the world. We regularly tour Italy from north to south searching for new and exciting products which not only taste fantastic but have a story behind them. 

We are particularly looking for producers who share our passion for wonderful Italian food and drink that we can sell in our Delicatessen in Market Harborough, Leicestershire as well as supplying some of the best delis and coffee shops right across the UK.

Some of Italy's very best producers are small-scale and rural - their produce often never makes it to the next village never mind out of the country. Our aim is to share these fabulous products with you.