Tuscan Bread & Tomato Salad


“Panzanella” The simplicity of this summery salad demands good quality ingredients – it’s worth hunting out tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes. The tomato juices mixed with the oil and vinegar make a flavour-packed dressing to soak into the crispy bread. The dish is best eaten at room temperature rather than chilled. Serves: 6 Prep […]

Tuna Steak with Caponata

ScreenHunter_73 Jul. 03 16.31 web2

“Tonno con Caponata” This dish pairs lightly seared fresh tuna with the Sicilian classic, “caponata“, a slightly sweet and sour (“agrodolce”) stewed aubergine dish, especially popular in the island’s capital, Palermo. Any leftover caponata can be kept in the fridge for up to a week and used in salads or with pasta. Serves: 4 Prep time: 15 minutes […]

Sicilian Jams & Marmalades

You can’t beat the intense flavour of fruit ripened in the Sicilian sunshine!   Sicilians know how to make jams and marmalades quite unlike any others we’ve tasted. Our fruit preserves are packed with juicy, ripe Sicilian fruit picked in its prime and slowly cooked using traditional recipes. Did you know that a marmalade is made from […]

Why our Bronze Die Pasta is SO Good!

IT HAS WON AWARDS! Spaghettoni (a thick Spaghetti) was recently voted the best pasta in Italy by Gambero Rosso (a prestigious food & drink magazine). To see the whole range click here… TOP QUALITY INGREDIENTS    ♦ Just 2 ingredients: “Durum Wheat Semolina” & water ♦ “Durum wheat semolina” is coarsely ground durum wheat ♦ […]

Interesting Info about Balsamic Vinegar IGP

With its delicious sweetness and mellow tartness, Balsamic Vinegar has been enjoyed through history to add a depth of flavour to a surprising variety of foods. Balsamic Vinegar IGP has been made for centuries using a simple process to be more affordable and it emerged as an alternative to the prized (& very expensive) Traditional […]

King Prawn, Pea and Lemon Risotto

lemon risotto

Risotto di Mazzancolle e Piselli Herald in the spring with this lemony risotto. If you think that risotto is only a dish for the winter months, then think again. The addition of lemon really lifts the flavour but without being overpowering and makes it into the perfect spring risotto. Serves: 4 Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: […]

Golden Polenta Chips Recipe

Enjoy Polenta Chips at home with this easy recipe. Delicious on their own or as part of a meal.

POLENTA FRITTA You love them in your favourite Italian restaurant, so why not try them at home… This recipe is taken from our ‘Autumn and Winter Cooking that is Just so Italian‘ recipe book. To view a PDF of the recipe click here. Ingredients which are available from our Just so Italian online shop are marked with a ‘*‘ […]

Sweet Chilli Jam – an Italian Recipe

chilli jam

“Confettura di Peperoncino” – delicious on cheeses, salumi, roasted meats, fish, in sandwiches, even on cheese on toast. The first time I made this it was so irresistible it didn’t even last the recommended maturing time of two weeks.  The second time I made it, I doubled the quantities! It may not be the kind […]

Italian Recipe for a Warming Venison (Lamb or Beef) Stew


VENISON AND NOCINO STEW “Spezzatino di Cervo e Nocino” Banish the January blues with this comforting Italian casserole. This recipe is taken from our ‘Autumn and Winter Cooking that is Just so Italian‘ recipe book. “Nocino” is a walnut liqueur made by steeping green walnuts in alcohol. It has a slightly bittersweet flavour which melts […]

Italian Dessert Recipe – Chocolate Almond Torte, Delizioso!

torta caprese 5

“TORTA CAPRESE” An indulgent chocolate torte made with ground almonds instead of flour, so even those who are gluten intolerant can enjoy the mouthfuls of delicious chocolate. This recipe is taken from our ‘Autumn and Winter Cooking that is Just so Italian‘ recipe book The coffee liqueur in the creamy accompaniment comes from our coffee suppliers […]