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Meals in Minutes Collection - for 2

Meals in Minutes Collection - for 2

4 easy and delicious Italian meals designed for 2 people (with some pasta left over!)

This 'Meals in Minutes' Collection will leave you free to concentrate on other things in life.

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    Meals in Minutes Collection


    We have chosen a selection of our pasta, rice and sauces that are worth keeping in the cupboard for those days when your mind goes blank when it comes to supper!


    In this collection you save 10% on the cost of the individual products and we have given four meal suggestions below, together with ideas to use things you may have in your fridge.


    We think our pasta is really delicious. Our producer is Pastificio Masciarelli, a family-run business from Abruzzo who have been making the finest quality pasta since 1867. The quality of the pasta makes it easier to cook to that perfect al dente bite so you get great results every time.  Make sure you follow our instructions on how to cook perfect pasta which are below.


    Meals - servings are given for 2 people


    1. Spaghetti with a Traditional Bolognese Ragu

    Cook 150-200g of spaghetti, heat the sauce gently and add some peas if you like. Stir the sauce through the pasta.  A jar of sauce will serve 2. 

    You could...

    ★ Grate some fresh parmesan over the top

    ★ Serve with salad leaves instead of peas if you have some to hand.


    2. Fusilli with Classic Pesto

    Cook 150-200g of fusilli and stir through 2-3 tbsn pesto.  The light, smooth pesto sauce will cling to the pasta. 

     You could...

    ★ Serve with salad leaves

    ★ Add some cooked bacon or chicken pieces

    ★ Mix in some mascarpone cheese for a creamier, less intense flavour


    3. Mezzi Rigatoni with a Tomato and Basil sauce

    Cook 150-200g of the Mezzi Rigatoni, heat the sauce gently and and stir through the pasta.  The ridges in these short tubes of pasta will pick up this delicious sauce to give you a full flavour in every mouthful.  A jar of sauce will serve 2.

    You could...

    ★ Grate some fresh parmesan over the top and serve with salad leaves if you have some to hand.

    ★ Add a few dried chilli flakes to give it an extra kick.


    4. Sweet Pepper Risotto

    Simply add stock or water, cook as usual stirring regularly and finish it off with a little butter and parmesan cheese. You will have a deliciously creamy risotto to serve 2 after just 15-20 minutes.

    You could...

    ★ Add some salami, cut into small cubes.

    ★ Stir in some roasted vegetables at the end.

    ★ Stir in some chopped parma ham at the end. 




    Bronze Die Spaghetti (500g)

    Classic long, thick pasta, ideally suited to tomato-based sauces.

    Made with the highest quality durum wheat flour, the pasta is then drawn through bronze dies, which give the external surface of the pasta a very high level of porosity and roughness. This allows the pasta to hold the sauce better after cooking.


    Bolognese Ragù (340g)

    A traditional Italian Ragu with a mixture of both pork and beef as well as sweet tomatoes and the holy trinity of vegetables that creates the base of so many Italian dishes, carrots, onions and celery. Traditionally served with Tagliatelle, it is equally delicious with Spaghetti.


    Bronze Die Fusilli Pasta (500g)

    Excellent artisan pasta from Abruzzo in the well-known thick corkscrew shape which is brilliant for holding sauces.


    Classic Basil Pesto (180g)

    A classic pesto made with basil, pesto and pine nuts.


    Bronze Die Mezzi Rigatoni (500g)

    Grooved pasta tubes about 2cm long, half the length of regular Rigatoni.  The ridges in these short pasta tubes will pick up this delicious sauce to give you a full flavour in every mouthful.


    Tomato and Basil Sauce (280g)

    This tasty and refreshing Tomato and Basil Sauce is the perfect store cupboard ingredient.


    Sweet Pepper Risotto (250g)

    This ready-made risotto is made with carnaroli rice, the most exclusive of Italian rice complete with all the dried ingredients you need to make an sweet pepper risotto.


    Pasta Cooking Tips 


    1. Use a large pan and plenty of salted water. Pasta needs lots of water to move around in, approx 2 litres for 200g of pasta.

    2.  Add the pasta to the pan when the water has reached a rolling boil.

    3. Cover the pan, and as soon as the water comes back to the boil, remove the lid and leave uncovered/at an angle.

    4. Follow the packet instructions for timing but check the pasta at least twice to avoid overcooking it.

    5. Pasta is cooked when it is still firm to the bite and slightly chewy. (Note: it will go on cooking slightly even when drained.)

    6. The instant the pasta is cooked, drain it and start tossing it with the sauce.  The sauce should thoroughly coat every piece of pasta.

    7. Enjoy!

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