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Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar (Extravecchio) (100ml)
Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar (Extravecchio) (100ml) Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar (Extravecchio) (100ml) Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar (Extravecchio) (100ml) Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar (Extravecchio) (100ml) Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar (Extravecchio) (100ml)

Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar (Extravecchio) (100ml)

The top of the top! 

Extravecchio Balsamic Vinegar (DOP) is the jewel of Modena in Emilia Romagna, Italy.  Glossy, thick and sweet, it is a delicacy in its own right.

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Product description


    "Extravecchio Balsamic Vinegar (DOP)"


    If you want a Balsamic Vinegar that is really special, here it is...


    Made from the Must of Trebbiano grapes, this Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is left to age in small barrels made from different kinds of wood, (a "Batteria"), for at least 25 years.  


    It has DOP certification, which means that it has been approved by a panel of five expert tasters who are part of the Consortium of Balsamic Vinegar Producers of Modena.


    Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is only sold in a wax-sealed, bulb-shaped 100ml bottle with unique identifying numbers and DOP on the label.


    Grape Must is whole pressed grapes (juice, skin, seeds & stems).  This is reduced over a direct flame before being left to ferment in the “Batteria”.


    A Batteria is a sequence of barrels made of various types of wood and decreasing in size.  After further evaporation, the concentrated must is moved into smaller and smaller barrels of differing woods, all the time becoming thicker and sweeter.  The sequence and type of barrel gives each brand its unique flavour.


    Try it...

    Serve in the traditional way with slivers of Parmesan or other mature cheeses.


    Use sparingly on strawberries or good quality vanilla ice-cream, or a teaspoon at the end of a meal as a pure digestive.



    Balsamic Vinegar dates back to the middle ages and the Emilia Romagna provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia.


    It was first mentioned in a document in 1046 recording a visit of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry III.  Henry III was given a silver bottle containing the celebrated vinegar while passing through a town on his way to his coronation.


    "Balsamico" means balsam-like or restorative, and it was originally used for its health benefits.

Nutritional information


    Cooked grape must.



    None available



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