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Mini Panettone Classico (100g)

Mini Panettone Classico (100g)

Mini classic Italian Christmas cake

The Panettone Classico - the best known of all Italian Christmas cakes.  Soft, light and fruity.

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Product description


    "Panettone Classico"


    The Panettone - the best known of all Italian Christmas cakes.  In fact Panettone is more of a sweet bread than a cake - made with plenty of butter and top grade fruit but stll light and soft inside.  And although industrial, or commercially produced Panettone that is for sale in supermarkets, is usually quite good, the quality of bakery-made Panettone like ours is in a different league.


    This mini 100g Panettone comes in a clear celophane wrapping as pictured (and could be enjoyed without sharing!) 



    WHEAT flour, raisins (15%) (grapes, vegetable oil, BUTTER, sugar, EGG yolk, natural yeast (GLUTEN), emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, inverted sugar, glycerol, skim MILK, malt (GLUTEN), salt, flavours. May contain traces of NUTS and SOY.


    Panettone Legend (1)

    The most popular legend is the story of a nobleman named Ughetto who fell in love with the daughter of a baker. Her name was Adalgisa, and she was very beautiful. However the family of Ughetto refused to allow the two to marry and so Ughetto and Adalgisa would meet under the moonlight sky in secret. It so happened that the bakery boy at Adalgisa's father's bakery had fallen ill, thus causing Adalgisa to work even more hours than she was already putting in. Soon, it became near impossible for the two love birds to find the time to meet. Ughetto, frustrated that he could not spend time with his love, decided to work at the bakery incognito as a replacement for the bakery boy who had falling ill. Unfortunately however, the bakery had hit some hard times as another bakery had opened nearby and was taking away customers. As a result, they sold less bread and was making very little money. Things were not looking so good. Ughetto ,in his creativity, took it upon himself to make some changes to the bread by adding more butter and sugar. However, there was no money to buy the needed butter so he sold some of his hawks. (He was the hawk breeder of the Duke Ludovico Maria Sforza). With the money he received, he was able to buy the necessary butter and sugar. The bread was a success and soon the business started gaining more customers. Happy to see that Adalgisa was in better spirits, he added some candied citron and some eggs to the recipe. This too only enhanced the bread. During the upcoming Christmas season, he added some raisons to make it even more festive. Soon the bread was the talk of the town. He had not only invented a new popular and wildly tasteful bread which everyone in town praised, but as a result he and Adalgisa were soon able to be married and live happily ever after.


    Panettone Legend (2)

    The name of the bread literally means, "bread of Toni". The name originates from another legend during the same period of the Dule Ludovico in the 15th century. The story takes place at a large banquet held for the Duke on Christmas night. The chef had a wonderful dessert prepared but it had burned and was a huge mess in the kitchen. He didn't know what to do as everyone was demanding he serve the dessert. A scullery boy named Toni approached the chef and explained that he had made his own bread using leftovers (such as egg and citron) for his family and friends. He offered it to the chef to use for the party. The chef, without any other option, accepted the generous offer. The dessert was a huge success, and when the Duke decided to congratulate the chef, the chef gave credit where credit was due. And hence, the bread was named after the scullery boy, Toni.


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