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Italian Recipe for a Warming Venison (Lamb or Beef) Stew


VENISON AND NOCINO STEW “Spezzatino di Cervo e Nocino” Banish the January blues with this comforting Italian casserole. This recipe is taken from our ‘Autumn and Winter Cooking that is Just so Italian‘ recipe book. “Nocino” is a walnut liqueur made by steeping green walnuts in alcohol. It has a slightly bittersweet flavour which melts […]

Italian Dessert Recipe – Chocolate Almond Torte, Delizioso!

torta caprese 5

“TORTA CAPRESE” An indulgent chocolate torte made with ground almonds instead of flour, so even those who are gluten intolerant can enjoy the mouthfuls of delicious chocolate. This recipe is taken from our ‘Autumn and Winter Cooking that is Just so Italian‘ recipe book The coffee liqueur in the creamy accompaniment comes from our coffee suppliers […]

Hearty Italian Soup Recipe


SMOKED MACKEREL and SALMON RIBOLLITA  (Ribollita di Sgombro Affumicato e Salmon) We have drawn on our ‘Autumn and Winter Cooking that is Just so Italian‘ recipe book for this month’s hearty soup – perfect for warming up in the chilly evenings. Ribollita is a famous Tuscan soup, a hearty pottage made with vegetables, leftover bread and […]

Lemon & Raspberry Polenta Cake Recipe

lemon polenta cake

“Torta di Polenta con Limone e Lamponi” An Italian twist on the classic British Lemon Drizzle cake with the polenta adding a lovely crunchy texture. If you use a gluten free baking powder, this cake is great for coeliacs too. Serves 10 Prep time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 1-1¼ hours To view a PDF of […]

Italian Grilled Stuffed Calamari Recipe


“Calamari Ripieni alla Griglia” You and your guests will be transported to sunny Sicily with this impressive but easy recipe. The caper berries make an interesting alternative to olives and you could add whichever fresh herbs take your fancy: sage, thyme or dill all work well. This recipe is taken from our Summer 2016 Recipe Book, […]

A Summery Italian Rice Salad Recipe

nerone web

Black Nerone Rice & Salmon Salad with Gremolata “Insalata di Riso Nerone e Salmone con Gremolata” This rich, nutty rice is naturally high in fibre, antioxidants, minerals and protein and is perfect for mixing into salads. You can make this into a seafood salad by adding king prawns or even calamari. Perfect for lunchboxes! Gremolata […]

Recipe: BBQ Kebabs – Italian Style

chicken sausage skewers

Chicken, Parma Ham and Sausage Skewers “Spiedini di Pollo, Prosciutto e Salsicce” The summer has arrived and the sun is out (well it might be, it is Great Britain after all!) so it can only mean one thing – it’s time to dig out the barbecue. It is really worth the extra effort to hunt […]

Italian Porcini & Pancetta Risotto Recipe


Risotto ai Funghi Porcini e Pancetta Affumicata A delicious risotto with a creamy texture and wonderful flavours from the porcini mushrooms and smoked pancetta. It is made from Carnaroli rice, which for Italians is the rice of choice for making risotto. Its round grains absorb more cooking liquid than other types of rice so it is perfect for making that […]

Savvy Cook’s Collection of Italian Meals

HA28 Savvy cooksx4b web

Most of us have those days when we just can’t think (or don’t want to think) of yet another meal to cook for supper and that’s when the Savvy Cook’s Collection of artisan Italian products can help. ♥ Savvy Cook’s Collection – For 2* ♥ Savvy Cook’s Collection – For 4* Keeping some of our pasta, rice and sauces […]

Rolled Belly of Pork – Italian Style

pork belly

Pancia di Maiale in Porchetta An impressive but easy roast  - and leftovers are delicious thinly sliced and used in sandwiches the next day (if there are any left!). This wonderfully flavoursome and aromatic pork roast, generously stuffed with rosemary, garlic and fennel, has been popular in Italy for centuries. Thought to have been enjoyed by […]