Sicilian Jams & Marmalades

You can’t beat the intense flavour of fruit ripened in the Sicilian sunshine!



Sicilians know how to make jams and marmalades quite unlike any others we’ve tasted.

Our fruit preserves are packed with juicy, ripe Sicilian fruit picked in its prime and slowly cooked using traditional recipes.

Did you know that a marmalade is made from citrus fruit only, whilst a jam is made from non-citrus fruits or both?


Our Supplier

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Our supplier, Agrisicilia, based on the fertile slopes of Mount Etna, is a small company who have been making Marmalades and Jams for over 20 years.

They carefully select, wash and prepare the fruit by hand.  Sugar is added and the fruit is cooked slowly before the jams & marmalades are sealed in glass jars.


Sicily – A Paradise of Citrus

✶ Most of Italy’s citrus fruits are grown in Sicily; they even produce more lemons than Amalfi
✶ Blazing sunshine, mild nights and the rich volcanic soil are perfect for fruit growing
✶ Lemons & Bitter Oranges were brought to Sicily by Arab invaders several hundred years ago
✶ Sicilian Blood Oranges “Arancia Rossa di Sicilia IGP” have “Protected Geographical Indication” status, (meaning they have to be from Sicily)
✶ The Bay of Palermo is called “Conca d’Ora” meaning ‘Golden Basin’  – perhaps because it glitters in the sun from all the glowing citrus fruits!


Try Italian Jams & Marmalades with Cheese – The Italian Way

jam cheese web

 They are particularly delicious with younger, softer cheeses such as Taleggio, Pecorino Fresco or Quartirolo Lombardo.


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✶ Try with toast & butter for the perfect breakfast

✶ Spread on toasted panettone for an Italian twist

✶ Add crunch with an Italian cracker

✶ Use in the bottom of a Frangipan Tart

✶ England meets Italy with a scone and clotted cream!




Our Range of Delicious Flavours – “Sunshine in a Jar!”


✶ Orange Marmalade

✶ Blood Orange Marmalade

✶ Bitter Orange Marmalade

✶ Lemon Marmalade

✶ Mandarin Marmalade

Citrus Marmalade

✶ Lemon & Ginger Jam

✶ Lemon & Strawberry Jam

✶ Orange & Strawberry Jam